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Saturday, April 30, 2011

More dangers of social networking

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have already claimed a few victims during this election campaign, mostly from inexperienced candidates who have not thought through the consequences of their actions. It can happen to all of us.

As the BBC reports, transgressors include Cardiff Central Tory candidate Matt Smith, who was reprimanded by his party after comparing the left-wing Respect party to paedophiles, and Joe Lock, who is Labour's Anglesey candidate, and who apologised on Thursday for postings he made last year about the former Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

The person most unlikely to be caught out doing something stupid on a social network is Peter Hain, or so you might think. However, even an experienced and seasoned politician such as the Shadow Secretary of State for Wales has his off-moments.

The Western Mail tells us that Mr. Hain was rebuked by Labour bosses yesterday after accusing the BBC of political bias in its coverage of the royal wedding:

Mr Hain tweeted: “Loads of TV coverage of Cameron and Clegg at wedding but none of Ed. BBC airbrushing Labour like the palace?”

The second line is a reference to former Labour prime ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown not being invited to the wedding, unlike other living former premiers Baroness Thatcher and Sir John Major.

Responding to Mr Hain’s comments, a senior Labour source said: “The last thing Ed and Justine [Thornton, Mr Miliband’s fiancee] are worried about is getting on television on William and Kate’s big day. It should just be about them.

“No-one should be trying to make a political row on this day of celebration.”

Mr Hain’s comments were also met by a storm of protest on Twitter as fellow tweeters immediately accused him of attempting to politicise the wedding.

Among them was Wales Office Minister David Jones, who tweeted: “Beggars belief; time, place, Peter.”

David Jones' comment just about sums it up really.
I can see problems come election night, namely which Matt Smith are they talking about. Matt Smith (Lib Dem for Cardiff North) or Matt Smith (Con for Cardiff Central) or even dare I say Matt Smith (Independent for Gallifrey South West)
I suppose you could ask were baroness thatcher and John Major "friends" with the royal family beyond politics...if they were not then there is a certain bias shown. But indeed it is a little daft to be immediate and public somewhere like twitter.
But like any wedding "politics" are always involved
There is no need for anyone to "politicise" the Royal Wedding. It is already a gaudy embellishment of the shiny apparatus employed by ruling classes of this country to justify their continued existence at the expenses of up proles who must keep in our places. Social mobility, my backside.
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