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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BNP mislead again!

Having already had one of their candidates arrested during this campaign, the BNP are now circulating a leaflet that contains a gross distortion of the truth. There is nothing new there.

In their leaflet, they say that from 1 May Eastern European migrants will be able to come to this country and claim up to £250 a week in benefits. This is not true.

The article is based on a Daily Mail story on 4th March which refers to a change in European law, but also makes it clear that Government officials reject the whole basis of the story. In fact even including benefits to cover Council Tax and rent, the chances of anybody receiving handouts of that size are remote. It would be the exception rather than the rule and at least twice what most claimants get.

It is simply not possible for anybody to just come to the UK and start claiming benefits. There are strict rules in place to protect the system this sort of abuse and to stop benefit tourism. I am appalled that once more the BNP are relying on misinformation and scare-mongering in an effort to win votes.
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