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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Swansea Story of the day

The Daily Mail has what can only be described as the most bizarre story of the day with the claim that an end-terrace house in Swansea resembles Adolf Hitler.

They say that the property is set to become a global internet sensation as it allegedly bears a passing resemblance to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler:

Its neat brown door brings to mind the fascist dictator's trademark toothbrush moustache.

And the slanting tiled roof falls at a similar angle to the leader's greased down, parted hairstyle.

Don't they have any news to report?
I see that you're not having a go at the Evening Post over the same non-story. http://www.thisissouthwales.co.uk/news/Comedian-Jimmy-Carr-compares-Swansea-house-Hitler/article-3385489-detail/article.html
I wasnt aware it was in the Evening Post. I linked to the site that was drawn to my attention.
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