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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Scathing report into schools in Wales

Another day, another report lambasting the Labour-Plaid Cymru Government's record on education.

This time it is a document commissioned by the Minister, which claims that too many Welsh schools are “coasting” when it comes to literacy and numeracy, and which warns of a risk of a “downward spiral” in the education system.

This morning's Western Mail says that the report also found a “disappointing degree of inconsistency” between providers at all levels and claimed that local authorities, when operating individually are too small to provide high-quality services and professional support to schools in their charge.

Coming on top of the PISA report that said that Wales was lagging further behind in maths, science and English, the Estyn report that said that one third of Welsh schools are not performing well enough and the latest funding gap statistic that shows that Welsh schools receive £604 less per pupil than in England, this is yet another illustration of how Labour and Plaid Cymru have let down children in Wales.

The Minister says it is a wake-up call. How many more do Labour and Plaid need? And why were they not acting earlier?
your getting quite rhetorical on the last sentence, leaving question marks and all that. Must be my profound influence.
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