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Friday, March 25, 2011

Plaid Cymru take the biscuit

Plaid Cymru start their conference today with a pledge that they will change the “culture of excuses” and that the next Assembly Government will take the initiative and take responsibility.

According to the report in the Western Mail the party will continue to oppose the public-sector cuts made by the UK Government, and attempt to shield Wales from its effects, but they will not use them as an excuse for poor performance and weak delivery by the Assembly Government.

So where exactly has the Plaid Cymru leader been for the last ten months when Ministers in his Government of both parties have done exactly that?

Both Plaid Cymru and Labour have consistently used attacks on the UK Government to avoid answering questions about their own poor performance in Government. Educational standards are down, the Welsh economy is worse than any other part of the UK, health outcomes are poorer than in England and patients have to wait longer, there are 200,000 more people in fuel poverty and child poverty targets have been missed. All of this is the legacy of Labour and Plaid Cymru in Government.

With a record like that and a habit of whinging rather than acting, can anybody take this latest pledge by the Welsh Nationalists seriously?
How much of an improvement did we see under the Lib-Lab coalition? Ummm... ? I don't think Plaid are the problem. The recurring theme over the past decade's failures, trials and lack of tribulation is Labour. Thankfully with so many retiring and others likely to fail to retain their seats we might see a wholesale change of governance.
Take a comeback of Basil Brush more seriously or Ieaun Wyn Jones taking the train to the Assembly
Anon 2:22: Plaid Cymru are the problem too and have been busily distancing themselves from the record of a government they are part of. They are dodging responsibility.
You must be mad if you think that Plaid as a junior partner in the Assembly government could have transformed the economy, education, poverty levels etc in 4 years or so. Absolutely mad!

Hey Peter,
Are the Lib Dem candidates (for the Maybe election) in rural west Wales going to come out and support your tireless campaign against the Assembly's action regarding bovine TB?
I am not arguing that Plaid or Labour could have effected such a transformation though I would have expected some improvements instead of the disaster we have had.

What I am saying is that Plaid cannot disavow responsibility or blame Labour for everything that has gone wrong as they are trying to do. They have collective responsibility for the whole of the government. They are trying to have their cake and eat it and nobody is buying into that position.

I have no idea what the views of all our candidates are on the badger cull as it is not really relevant to the principled stand I have taken, nor is there party policy on this aspect of the bTB measures. However, when I last spoke to her the Lib Dem candidate for Ceredigion was opposed to the cull
anon 8:46
Peter Black is not mad about this at all. Plaid have not done what they said they would and be able to provide housing and our depriving the economy of rural West Wales with their stance towards the Defra Minister's ambitions for rural development schemes to replace the selfish, exclusivist present system.
Absolute bumbling idiots running the economy.
Nerys evans speaking out against education recently. Her own coalition governemtn's lack of imagination and funding.
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