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Friday, March 04, 2011

A non-political life

As I write counting has just got underway in the Assembly powers referendum and the final touches are being put to preparations for the Welsh Liberal Democrats Conference and the Welsh Conservatives Conference, both in Cardiff, as well as an anti-cuts rally in the same City. I will not be at any of them.

Faced with the prospect of another nine weeks of intense campaigning in the lead up to the Welsh Assembly elections and the AV referendum, I am postponing the resumption of the fight for hearts and minds and instead taking my wife away for her birthday.

Blogging will be light. See you on the doorsteps next week.
I don't think anyone can blame you! Best wishes to your dear lady.
You probably won't be the only unavailable spokesman after the Barnsley Central disaster.
Peter Black isn't coming to conference?!
Was it really a disaster Shambo? There are many examples of Government parties suffering from a protest vote in unfavourable areas not least Henley in 2008 when Labour lost their deposit and came behind the BNP. There will be plenty of spokespeople around for the Lib Dems this weekend and we even have Clegg in Cardiff.
Enjoy, Peter, you deserve a break.

Shambo - is Barnsley Central Disaster the latest lab-speak, to go with 'conservative led coalition' and 'condems'?

Just asking.
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