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Friday, March 18, 2011

Miliband versus Clegg

After all the fuss about Ed Miliband refusing to share a platform with Nick Clegg as part of the Yes to AV campaign launch I was bemused to see this diary piece which reports that it should actually be the Liberal Democrat leader who is shunning his Labour counterpart.

The Westminster blog says that Ipsos-Mori research has turned conventional wisdom on its head. It shows that CNick legg is actually more liked than Ed Miliband, scoring 40 per cent against the Labour leader’s 36:

And — amazing as it seems given all the riots of late — Miliband is neck and neck with Clegg in the unpopularity stakes. Around 51 per cent of people do not like both leaders.

Miliband, like Gordon Brown, is less liked than his party, which 45 per cent of respondents expressed a positive view of. By contrast David Cameron is the most liked party leader, even though his party is the most disliked.

Oh, the irony!
So now Clegg is toxic!? For me Clegg has one last chance - win AV. If not I quit the Liberals that I joined 30 years and have supported ever since.

NO AV -- I QUIT!! simple!
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