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Thursday, March 03, 2011

All the right moves

I am not sure whether this is Rocky Horror or the Hokey Cokey but they certainly do politics differently down under.

According to the Daily Telegraph Australian Liberal Senator, Mary Jo Fisher felt so passionately about denouncing the government's climate change policy that she decided to choreograph her argument to the famous children's party song the Hokey Cokey, or the Hokey Pokey as she described it:

Twirling around in the chamber she told colleagues: "You put petrol in, you take petrol out, you put petrol in and you shake the tax about."

She also illustrated her points on carbon tax with some classic moves from The Timewarp, describing the government's stance on the issue as "a jump to the left then a step to the right".

The South Australian, who has worked in politics since 2007, finished her routine with some rhythmic hip movements claiming it was "the policy's pelvic thrust that will drive Australians insane".

Perhaps she needs just a little bit more work on her communications strategy. Still at least she wasn't playing air guitar behind the Secretary of State for Defence whilst he announced 11,000 redundancies in the armed forces.

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