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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Mapping crime

I have mixed views about the new Police website that enables us find out what crimes are committed in the street in which we live. On the one hand it is always useful to have information, on the other hand there is a real danger it will impact on house prices.

One of the first victims of bad publicity from this site is Swansea, whose Wind Street area has been classed as one of the most violent in Britain on the basis of last December's figures. So much for the vision of a café quarter when the then Labour Council set it up. However, statistics do not show the full picture and, despite its place in the league tables, the area is effectively policed and is no worse than comparable quarters in other Cities.

The other victim of the publicity is the site itself, which has crashed due to the level of interest. The Guardian says that four to five million hits a year is an unexpected level of traffic. They said that when the 1901 census website was launched and subsequently crashed. Whatever happened to cross-cutting working?
Why do I need an expensive website to tell me how much crime there is in my own street/neighbourhood.I know because I live there.
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