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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Call to ban booze in the House of Commons

For some reason I suspect the suggestion of Denis Shane that Parliament stop serving beer for a week in March will not be too popular amongst his colleagues.

Epolitix says that the Rotherham MP tweeted this afternoon: "Would a way of celebrating alcohol-free week 9-15 March be to shut down Commons drinking holes?"

And why not? Perhaps this is one way MPs can take a lead by showing that they can do without a drop of the hard stuff for a limited period of time.

Given the health issues associated with the misuse of alcohol, as well as the alcohol-related crime that police deal with every day, it would be an excellent way of boosting the main aim of the week, namely encouraging us to become more aware of our drinking habits and helping us reduce the amount we drink if we are taking too much.
Parliament is a place of work, or it was the last time I asked, If I were to drink at work the outcome would be dire, no job .... the same should apply to every other place of work, politics included.
Yeah, why not? Ban it for ever in their and make it an alcohol free zone.
They have to take into consideration non-drinkers who have to tolerate alcohol users.
Peter - how many (if any) bars are there in the Welsh Assembly?
None technically but the tearoom serves a limited selection of alcohol and you can get it with a meal in the members' dining room.
Shome mishtake here? Denis McShane has been observed to be tired and emotional in the House on occasions (see comment here for instance). Or perhaps he wants the Commons authorities to save him from himself?
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