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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Those revolting Tories

Having seen research, which established that the UK Coalition's MPs are the most rebellious since 1945, David Cameron will not be too happy this morning to read in the Independent that his Government will have the "smallest margin possible" for a vote concerning holding a referendum on significant EU treaty changes.

The paper says that the EU Bill, which ministers say proclaims the sovereignty of the UK Parliament and guarantees no further transfer of significant powers to Brussels without a public poll, reaches its committee stage on the floor of the House:

Rebel Conservative MPs have tabled amendments they say toughen up the Bill because the existing measure gives ministers too much scope to bypass a referendum and could leave judges to rule on what law-changes would qualify.

Eurosceptic MP Peter Bone told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme: "A number of Conservative colleagues have put down amendments which will toughen it up and make it what the British people want.

"They want Parliament to be supreme. I hope the Government will accept some of the amendments that are laid down, but if they don't then some of us will vote against the Government's line."

Although this Bill is far too Eurosceptic for my liking I am pleased to see that the Liberal Democrat influence in Government is keeping the worst excesses of the Tory Party at bay.
for once I agree with you, far too eurosceptic for my liking as well.
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