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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Labour's ID card trial fiasco

Now that the UK Coalition Government has quite rightly fulfilled its promise to abolish ID cards details are now emerging of the fiasco that was the trial that Labour ran in Greater Manchester.

According to the Manchester Evening News, civil servants were urged to sign up their own families for ID cards in an effort to stop the controversial scheme flopping. They say:

They say that documentation highlights particular concern about low take-up by staff at Manchester Airport:-

By April this year, only 15 per cent of airside workers had enrolled for a card.

Reports reveal how the airport took the unusual step of appointing a full-time ‘National Identity Card Administrator’ to drive up demand and considered a competition to promote the scheme.

The report also said: “One participant complained that the identity card interfered with other cards kept in the same wallet.”

Considering that the Government spent £292m on the ID card scheme before it was finally axed, this is a major failure. It seems that people did not just reject Labour in May, they also rejected their flagship scheme, their control freakery and their assault on individual liberties.


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