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Friday, January 07, 2011

Labour leader put under pressure by radio listeners

Today's Independent reports on the tough and uncomfortable time endured by Ed Miliband on Radio Two's phone-in programme yesterday lunchtime.

They say that the Labour leader faced a barrage of tough questions from presenter Jeremy Vine and callers for "shafting" his brother David, whom he defeated for the Labour leadership:

One Labour supporter said he was too "laid back" and lacked the "passion and fire in the belly" to land blows on the Government.

Another caller criticised him for not marrying his partner, Justine, and registering as the father after the birth of their first child.

This is the second time that Ed Miliband has faced such a tough test on radio, having endured a similar inquisition on Radio Four in November, when he failed to define the 'squeezed middle'. The paper quotes a Labour insider last night as saying: "If the first interview was a car crash, then this was a pile-up."
Mind you, the question of whether he and his partner decide to marry or not should be theirs and theirs alone.
Are you going to comment of the LibDem leadership and how you actually lost seats in the last election, and now with the worst polling in over two decades. Bring Charles Kennedy back! or get Mike German their (I always liked him, and his wife!).

....also Peter, I saw your article on the use of 0800 numbers. I totally agree with you. Even some local NHS surgeries are now using it. Not only does it charge patients, but any staff in hospital that phones them are charged and made to wait. I find that disgusting. And I'm sure there will be a fraud enquiry where e.g husband owns 0800 surgery, and wife working in hospital phones it regularly to give more money to the already minted husband!.

Good to see that AM's like you are using 'local BT numbers'. But this is a scandal, and I'm wondering can the Minister do something about or would it be against competition rules, to stop people having these 08 numbers?
No I am not going to comment on the Lib Dem leadership as I am happy with it both in the UK and in Wales. Nor am I now going to comment on the General Election result as that is history. Nor will I say anything about the polls as they are just background noise and not real votes in ballot boxes.
nice to hear that Joe Jackson song again - forgot about it recently
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