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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Keeping a sense of perspective

Labour attempts to blame the UK Coalition for everything and anything are getting a bit shrill and far-fetched. Only yesterday one of their AMs alleged in the chamber that the Government were responsible for the World-wide recession that he keeps quoting as the excuse for the mess we are in now. Funny how they never mention the failure of Gordon Brown to properly regulate the banks or the fact the Britain ran a deficit budget every year since 2001.

However, nobody has quite got to the same level of hysteria as the author of this article, who has clearly lost all sense of proportion when he alleges that:

This is the most destructive administration since Pol Pot. It isn’t killing professionals and the middle classes, but it is so damaging their lives and the chances of their children that it’s the British equivalent to wholesale slaughter.

As the comments make clear this is the most tasteless and inappropriate smear yet. Whatever happened to constructive opposition?

Hattip: Liberal Democrat Voice

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