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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Basic error by Telegraph compounds misinformation about Oldham East and Saddleworth

This morning's Sunday Telegraph says that Nick Clegg is insistent that the "Liberal Democrats will win Oldham East and Saddleworth back at the next election", Except that the Liberal Democrat Leader did not say that at all as the party didn't hold the seat in the first place.

This sort of misinformation is part of a general attempt to undermine the very good result achieved by the Liberal Democrats in the by-election. The other misconception comes from the assertion by the new Labour MP that the voters in her constituency had sent a message to the coalition government.

Given that the combined vote of the coalition parties was 15,641 compared to Labour's vote of 14,781 I think we are entitled to ask what precisely that message was.
The message from Oldham is business as usual under FPTP, The message from the Telegraph is war on the Lib Dems to break the coalition, although this isn't much different for Lib Dems so it is less effective than they would like, if they attacked the Tories they might have more influence *sigh* but the Telegraph hates the coalition and by attacking Vince has already shot itself in the foot, I see them loosing a nose this year at least.
Hilarious to see the increasingly vapid ed milliband saying that the colaition had to 'learn lessons' from the OE&S by-election outcome and change .... like the Labour government ever changed when it was hit by landslides in by-elections!
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