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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Welsh Government retract Badger cull leaflet claim over 'error'

The BBC report that the Welsh Government have finally retracted a claim made in an official leaflet sent to 26,000 homes in the proposed badger cull area. The leaflet said previous trials had shown such culls could reduce TB in cattle by as much as 50% in six months. However, the Government say that it should have said culls could start to show a benefit after six months, which in itself is challengeable.

This sort of misleading infornmation has been prevalent throughout the Welsh Government's attempt to put a cull in place. It would be interesting to know whetner the Minister signed off this document and if so what level of responsibility she takes for it.

Even strong supporters of a cull are starting to question her competence. This statement has just been put out by Kirsty Williams for example, who chairs the Assembly's Sustainability Committee and speaks on rural affairs for the Liberal Democrats:

"This latest error is the latest in a long line of bungles by the Rural Affairs minister in the handling of this issue. The badger cull is a very sensitive issue and feelings run high on both sides of the argument. People are rapidly losing confidence on the way this is being handled. Frankly, the Minister needs to get a grip before the entire process is brought any further into disrepute.

“Whichever view you take, the issue of TB in cattle is one of enormous importance to farmers and rural communities who are rapidly losing faith with the ability of the Labour-Plaid Government to handle it with anything approaching a basic level of competence."

She is absolutely right on the last point.
it's a terribly biased leaflet in favour of a cull, not representative of a government who would like to see a plurality of viewpoints..their is only one viewpoint and that is it, this leaflet proclaims

it is the only leaflet people have received from the Welsh assembly on any topic so it is not a good advert for the welsh government as a modern democratic institution , rather it is an anarchronistic diatribe of bumbling stats and images, the leaflet also uses the Badger Trust's findings to back up it's view, talk about spin
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