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Friday, December 24, 2010

Stating the bleedin' obvious

Today's Daily Telegraph revelations have Foreign Office Minister, Jeremy Browne giving his private view of the Conservatives.

He told their undercover operatives that Tory immigration policy is "driven by uncharitable instincts" and the party's political allies in Europe are "an embarrassment":

Speaking of the Lib Dem contribution to foreign policy, Mr Browne said: "The government’s policy on Europe, because I’m a foreign office minister… is seen as far more amenable and civilised than the European Parliament would have expected.

“I mean, I had a breakfast meeting about three weeks ago with the Danish ambassador, the Swedish ambassador, you know, I can’t… these Scandinavian types, and they said: 'We’re so pleasantly surprised that the British Government is so much more co-operative and amenable than we had anticipated. Why is that?’

“And I said I think partly it’s because the Lib Dems are in government.”

Speaking to an undercover reporter earlier this month, Mr Browne said that governing with the Conservatives was an “uncomfortable process” and that he felt uneasy about Coalition policies “the whole time”.

He added that his party was bound to the Coalition because if it withdrew “we’d never be in government again”.

Sounds about right to me. Thank goodness the Liberal Democrats are there to keep the nutters on the right wing of the Tory party in check.
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