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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Spin Doctor bites again

The Wales on Sunday's Spin Doctor column is well known for its biting, though sometimes misguided wit. This morning's offering is no exception, containing some juicy morsels that are worth reproducing:


Shadow Health Minister Nick Ramsay, reminiscing on 20 years since his idol Margaret Thatcher was forced out of Downing Street:

“My only recollections of the world pre- Thatcher were of Jim Callaghan’s unstable government, the unforgettable misery of the Winter of Discontent and a Britain that seemed to be falling apart at the seams,” he recalled – a remarkable recollection, given Mr Ramsay was four years old when Callaghan left office.


Could be for any one of Shadow Welsh Secretary Peter Hain’s changes of heart since leaving government, but this is our winner.

In April 2006, Mr Hain slammed the media for running stories about a feud between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, insisting there was no such thing.

“A lot of the media obsession in this seems in a different world from the one I operate in around the cabinet table and in Government,” he fumed.

And this July? He mocked Lord Mandelson’s autobiography for its “great revelations” about the Labour leadership.

“That there was a Blairite/Brownite fault line in New Labour is hardly news,” he sniffed.

Of course, the column could not avoid a dig at its favourite target:


It can only be celebrity, former friend of this column and Wales’ least employable man Lembit Öpik, defended by his former pants model girlfriend Katie Green.

“To be honest, before I met him I thought he was the village idiot,” explained Miss Green.

“Then when I met him I completely changed my views. I can’t stand immature men.”

And what did Miss Green and the mature Mr Öpik do on their first date?

“We spent the afternoon riding up and down the corridors [of the House of Commons] on Segways,” she said.

any reason you left the mick bates story out?
Two reasons: 1. because I was concentrating on those awards I considered funny and 2. it is my bloga and therefore my choices reflect my personal preferences. I did link to the story so that people could read it for themselves.
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