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Monday, December 06, 2010

Here comes the sun

Nah, only joking! However, if you are the Welsh Environment Minister then you know I am talking about you.

According to the Welsh Government website, Ms. Davidson has flown out to Cancun in Mexico this weekend, where the temperatures are 26 degrees centigrade, to take part in a 'major international summit on global warming'. She writes:

Whilst in Cancun I will certainly be emphasising the importance of local action, and the need for sub-national governments like Wales to be represented at international discussions on this global issue, because the truth is that the majority of delivery levers lie at our level of government.

I will also be promoting the Welsh approach to reducing Wales’ carbon footprint, outlined in our Climate Change Strategy and in our energy policy document, ‘A Low Carbon Revolution’. Although Wales is a small nation, we really do have lots to shout about and I am keen to share some of the exciting work that we are taking forward.

Let us hope that she has calculated and offset all the carbon emissions she generated in getting there and back.
Perhaps someone could work out the Carbon Footprint of travelling from Ynys Mon to Cardiff by both train and small aircraft?

I did notice that Huw Irranca Davies travels to London by train, he was on Sunday evening anyway...
Call me ‘curious’ but is the erstwhile Ms. Davidson aware that Mexico is a HUGE exporter of hydrocarbons/oil? And I mean HUGE. It is the second biggest exporter of oil to the USA (Canada being the #1 exporter of oil to the USA). Mexico exports more oil to the USA than Saudi Arabia. So begs the question why is Ms. Davidson is attending a conference on global warming or climate change in a country that is a massive exporter of oil?
she could cut her carbon footprint bu just staying there. no one in wales would notice!
'Cancun Jane' on her Mexican shindig needs to be honest with the Welsh people and show SCIENTIFIC PROOF that wind turbines are an effective cost benefit product.

She has failed to do this.

Intensive, aggressive wind energy lobbyists appear to have her ear.

Cancun Jane needs to give the Welsh people an INDEPENDENT,
OBJECTIVE REPORT based on the SCIENTIFIC METHOD. Not reports by scientists, but rather scientific reports. BIG DIFFERENCE!

As people freeze back home and face massive hikes in their electricity bills to pay subsidies of £330,000* per wind turbine per annum to "private" wealthy energy companies, surely the public have a right to see the independent scientific evidence?

Afterall,she expects us all to pay for this trillion pound bonanza that makes the rich richer and the poor poorer!

The energy subsidy situation is almost akin to bailing out the bankers all over again.

In this period of austerity, everyone (through their electricity bills) have become "forced" shareholders/investors with NO DIVIDEND. This situation benefits energy companies, their directors and their wealthy shareholders NOT Joe Public.

Who pays Cancun Jane's wages and junkets to Mexico?

Joe Public!

*Source UKIP
Anon (5:43)> couldn't agree more. But British (including the Welsh) got into such a lather over what they perceived to be global warming that they clamored for government to do something and now the British (which includes the Welsh) are paying to build j-normous/enormous wind-turbines through inflated electricity/utility bills. So pay up now you silly people, maybe that is a bit harsh maybe - OK, you conned peoples. Wind Turbines are so incredibly inefficient at generating useful electricity - but hey, you wanted them, now you are going to get them. Some 20,000 more of them. Good luck with that.

Meanwhile China is bringing, on average, one coal fired power plant per week. CO2 going into the atmosphere from China is going to cancel out all those wind-turbines - Brits would do more for the environment if they bought locally produced goods instead of buying Chinese goods which have to be transported on huge container ships many of which burn dirty fuel oil. But hey, you seem happy with that farcical fact pattern.

So don't complain about your jobs going to China or CO2 levels.

Didn't you people get told this already? Oh, maybe you are turning into Americans after all. Short memories, no idea what's going on in the world, and willing to listen to any dumb-arsed contemporary theory even if it makes very little scientific and/or logical sense. Well, Wales education standards are going down the pan, so I guess there are some mitigating factors. (Said tongue-in-cheek as I am a part-product of teh Welsh education system.)
Perhaps container ships should use Flettner sails?

Perhaps I am the only one in Wales, but I too realise that China is bringing on line one coal fired powerstation per week, and that we are buying more Chinese produced goods than ever before, also the Chinese are buying up all the gold reserves and also hoarding various rare earth metals which are predominantly used in the electronics industry.

Regarding your rather flippant comments about the standards or lack off in Welsh Education, I'll have you know that I went to Sandfields, where more pupils ended up in gaol than university!
Anon(11:10 AM or thereabouts)> glad to read that you also know that China is knocking out coal-fired power stations at a rate of about one per week, and I am flabbergasted that you knew about China's recent moves to hoard rare earth metals (which are not really rare, just that the USA et al shut down their 'rare earth metal' mines because of government regulations made them uneconomic and so we gave China an economic advantage to beat us over the head with), but you should also know that China wants to become the world's #1 exporter of huge wind-turbines because they want us (the west) to become so dependent on them that our electricity costs to our industry will grow so high that it will become too costly to manufacture anything larger than a gnat. But we morons will be happy especially when China's economy is set to overtake the USA in a few years. "Be Happy, we will soon be out of work, out of pocket, and over-our-heads on happy pills to cope with the crassly stupid regs killing jobs. The West will be high on PC (political correctness) while *cough*cough* Chinese industry steams ahead. REJOICE!
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