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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Fishing for an answer

I have been reflecting on the excellent housing research conference put on by Shelter Cymru and Wisard that I attended on Friday and still cannot get the opening presentation by Rhodri Morgan out of my head.

Rhodri delivered a wide-ranging review of the way that housing has been treated under devolved Welsh governance emphasising its links with economic development. It is a shame that this was not recognised in the first Welsh economic development strategy that he produced.

During questions he was asked about regeneration in the South Wales valleys and in particular how we might motivate people to get involved, despite many years of disappointment and a feeling of disempowerment on their part. In response we had a ten minute talk on the history of salmon in the River Taff.

Classic Rhodri! People were still talking about it at the drinks reception at the end of the day.
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