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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Christmas Shopping

An unusually frank e-mail has just landed in my in-box from the Farmers Union of Wales. Apparently, a recent survey has found many farmers cast down in unseasonal gloom:

The lack of adequate broadband in several rural areas of Wales could be one of the reasons why farmers hate Christmas shopping, the Farmers' Union of Wales stressed today (Thursday, December 9).

Responding to a new survey which found a fifth of farmers detest Christmas shopping, FUW president Gareth Vaughan revealed he cannot access broadband services at his farm near Newtown.

“Most of the farmers I know do not have access to online shopping because they do not have access to broadband. So I’d be very surprised if this statistic represents a large cross-section of farmers."

I feel their pain.

They say that the study also showed teachers are the biggest penny-pinchers, that teenagers hate the whole experience and that people in sales and marketing are the most thoughtful and generous!
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