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Friday, November 05, 2010

Whoops! Apocalypse!

With BBC journalists on strike today, the Guardian puts all our minds at rest. In one of their asides they reveal that the Today programme is a key part of the nation's defences.

Apparently, Trident submarine crews use it to gauge whether everything is normal back in the UK. If the programme goes off air then their trigger fingers get a bit itchy in case Britain has been destroyed in a nuclear strike.

Let us hope that they check first.
urban myth

the truth is somewhat similar but not as interesting
Are you on strike Peter or just refusing to mention the Lib Dems betrayal of promises on tuition fees.
If Liberal Democrat MPs formed a majority in the House of Commons and went back on their pledge then that would be a betrayal.

However, we do not have a majority and we have had to compromise. This is especially true when both the Tories and Labour are in favour of tuition fees.

The package put together by Vince Cable has a lot to commend it in terms of helping poorer students but the increase in the cap to £6,000 (£9,000 in exceptional circumstances) is a step too far and I stick by the view I posted earlier that Liberal Democrat MPs should vote against the whole package.

The post is here: http://peterblack.blogspot.com/2010/10/liberal-democrat-mps-should-revolt-on.html Proof that I have not been ignoring the issue.

You should remember too that this package only applies to England. We have yet to see what is proposed for Wales.
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