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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Where we were at the time

Glancing through yesterday's Western Mail last night I finally got around to reading their piece on the 20th anniversary of Margaret Thatcher's demise as Prime Minister.

A number of politicians were asked where they were when they heard the news and what their reaction was. The responses were fairly predictable. Some though are more memorable than others such as Kirsty Williams' recollection that she was at University in Manchester and that the union put up a banner saying: ‘Rejoice, Thatcher’s gone’ and put on free drinks.

The most bizarre though is that of Tory Assembly leader Nick Bourne, who remembers that he was having a shower in Malaysia when the news came through. Thank goodness he was not so shocked that he slipped and hurt himself.
Hate her or love her, Margaret Thatcher pretty much predicted the demise of the European common currency. Germany et al is/are almost certainly going to quit the current version of the Euro.

"This lady's not for u-turning, but you can u-turn if you want to" or words to that end - this Lady wasn't too happy when she heard about the MRC/MABs fiasco so much so she had few kind words for the relevant head of MRC. (The MRC failed to patent the pioneering invention behind monoclonal antibodies, the fusion process between an immortal cell line and a white cell producing a single antibody of interest.
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