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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Peter Hain and mixed messages

It is far too early to find a link to this article on the Wales on Sunday website and I don't want to give the impression of being obsessed with Peter Hain, however I thought it worth highlighting the story about the blame game in this morning's paper as a good example of Labour tactics since they lost power a few months ago.

The Spin Doctor column points out that Shadow Welsh Secretary, Peter Hain's golden rule is that everything that goes right is the responsibility of the previous Labour Government, whilst anything that goes wrong is the fault of the UK Coalition Government.

Thus, in July, when figures obtained from Welsh Police forces under the Freedom of Information Act, showed officers were still searching for 880 people with outstanding arrest warrants, Mr. Hain was straight onto the case. This was clearly the fault of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Government, even though they had been in office for only two months.

Shooting forward to last week and the sharp fall in Welsh unemployment and Mr. Hain is playing a different tune. This time it is all down to Labour: "It is a result of the last Labour Government's investment and recovery strategy which brought Britain out of the worst worldwide recession for 80 years," he said.

Clearly, Mr. Hain likes to have his cake and eat it. No wonder that his credibility is so low.
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