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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Labour’s plans would have meant hardship for some communities too

Interesting words and some honesty from senior Labour AM, Lynn Neagle in the chamber yesterday:

I want to make one thing clear from the start: I do not shy away from the stark reality of the scale of the deficit. I am definitely not a deficit denier. I also understand that cutting spending is never easy and that it is often an incredibly painful process. It is true to say that, whichever party had won the general election in May, we would be facing some incredibly tough decisions here in Wales. However, the coalition Government has hard choices to make throughout this process. It simply did not need to cut as fast or as deeply as it has chosen to. Even Labour’s plans to halve the deficit over four years would have meant hardship for some of the communities that we represent here in Wales.
A very good way to reduce the impact of the budget cuts is for WAG to embrace the Systems Thinking approach to public service delivery. Systems Thinking has worked very successfully in industry ( I have personal experience of its ability to change an unproftitable manufacturing company producing poor quality product which the customer didnt want to one of the most successful and profitable companies in its high tech sector)
Suggest all AMs read John Seddon's book Systems thinking in the public sector.John is a visiting professor at the Lean Enterprise Research Centre University of Cardiff.
Be prepared to read with an open mind. His key message is scrap all targets!
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