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Monday, November 15, 2010

Labour continue to obstruct reform

News agencies are reporting this morning that Labour are seeking to have the AV Referendum Bill declared 'hrbrid' by the House of Lords this afternoon with the intent of burying it in committee.

It is an interesting tactic considering that Labour are meant to be in favour of electoral reform. Their excuse of course is that they object to the equalisation of constituencies, which they consider to be 'gerrymandering'. The fact that the status quo of unequal electorates favours them, raises the question of just who is doing the gerrymandering?

In today's Independent, Justice minister Lord Tom McNally warns peers against falling for a Labour "elephant trap" which could scupper the timetable for the Government's planned referendum on a new voting system. He says that ex-Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer "doesn't have a leg to stand on" in his bid to derail the bill.

Labour may not think we have too many politicians but I believe that the electorate disagree. The main principle involved here appears to be self-preservation, whilst once again Labour demonstrate that partisan politics comes before their own policies.
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