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Monday, November 15, 2010

Is the Government anti-Welsh?

I am having a sort of debate with Labour AM, Alun Davies on this subject over on Wales Home. It takes the format of an article written by each of us separately so really it is two opposing polemics, but you may wish to have a look.
"The Severn Barrage was always environmentally damaging, unaffordable and poor value for money " you say.

But no more so than the crazy PV on every rooftop and erratic windmills at sea. Once built the Barrage would give an unfailing supply of 'lecky, and at an affordable price (do you think Russian gas will always be so cheap?)

I am also deeply sceptical of the 'uneconomic' case. A few tweaks on discounting rates could make this look good or bad -- this is the sort of trickery the pro-nuclear folk got up to.

And it would give us (Wales and UK) a lot more security, less need to invade oil-rich countries, than any amount of aircraft carriers.
My point Conall, if I had more words in the article to play with, was that we need a solution on teh Severn but the full barrage was not cost effective. A shoots barrage or lagoons would be a better solution.
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