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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Expect all-round embarrassment and increased tension

The imminent publication of millions of classified cables between Washington and US embassies around the world by the website Wikileaks promises to provide hours of entertainment as the Obama Administration seeks to limit the damage done by frank assessments of their friends and allies.

The Independent on Sunday says that it understands that State Department correspondence between London and Washington covers a catalogue of sensitive diplomatic issues, including the release of the Lockerbie bomber, Britain's contribution to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Conservatives' position on the economy before the election.

They suggest that some of the embassy cables echo the criticism of the Tories' stance on the economy in opposition, questioning their approach to the credit crunch, including their opposition to Gordon Brown's decision to bail out banks with taxpayers' money. They may also offer candid assessments of Mr Brown, his premiership and his chances of winning the election.

One UK Government source is quoted as saying that the files will be "far more embarrassing" to members of the former Labour government, adding "There are quite a lot of references to Gordon Brown being perceived as weak and unstable."

I am not sure as to when these cables will be published but I understand that it will be very soon.
This is all completely fascinating. You'll probably disagree with this Peter, but I feel all Liberals should support wikileaks. Lives are primarily being put at risk because of American and UK policies, not because of leaked documents.
Well, THIS Liberal does support wikileaks, if only because it holds up a mirror to the way the 'morally superior' west has been carrying on its business. Hilarious (and frightening too) to see right wing US politicos trying to get the site branded as a terrorist organisation for, err, sharing their own views of the world with, err, the world ...
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