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Monday, November 29, 2010

Bah, humbug!

My neighbours have started to put up their tree and decorations, Sky has launched a Christmas channel and all the news media have started talking about the huge amounts of money due to be spent today on-line. And yet it is not even December.

They reckon that on-line shoppers are set to spend a total of £537m today in what is predicted to be the busiest internet shopping day of the year. That will prove to be a massive boost for the economy but not so much for the poor high streets, who now seem to be the destination of choice for last minute presents and pre-Christmas bargains.

Meanwhile plans for my own combined Christmas shopping spree and decoration hanging on December 24th are well advanced. Well, I have pencilled the date in my diary anyway.
it's an attempt to emulate the American "Black Friday", when they go mad with Xmas shopping. Difference is, Black Friday is like a January Sale, everyone buys on that day because everything is on sale. "Manic Monday" (as the media calls it) isn't, and I think it's more wishful thinking on the part of business than an actual phenomenon.

If they made "Manic Monday" a big pre-Xmas sale day then yeah, fair enough.
A less than Happy Ending to Xmas

Father Christmas (FC) went to Border's yesterday (the bookstore), inter alia, to buy calendars for 2011 and blow the red and white man backwards. There were a couple of florescent Christmas trees just inside said establishment. They had no tree decorations – “Why, FC thought, they are so bright in themselves that decorations are meaningless”.

This is how the great recession of the second decade in the new millennium began … Chinese Christmas tree ornament output fell, thousands of Chinese workers laid off; container shipping lines laid up … billions wiped off the Chinese stock market …
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