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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuition Fees and the Liberal Democrats

With the publication of the Browne Review report into student finance, there are many who are already speculating that its proposals are the settled view of the UK Coalition Government. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I believe that up to 30 Liberal Democrat MPs have already said they will vote against the lifting of the cap on tuition fees. If that is correct then more power to their elbow. However, as the Independent makes clear today, this report is in no way the last word on the matter.

They record that the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Simon Hughes says that all Liberal Democrat MPs are "very conscious" of the position they took on tuition fees and of the party's policy of campaigning against fees in the last general election.

In a statement, Mr Hughes said: "All Liberal Democrat MPs are very conscious of the positions we have taken on higher education and the policies we campaigned for at the last election.

"We all have a duty to read and consider fully Lord Browne's proposals and the Government's response.

"Today will not be the last word on policy for funding higher education in England.

"All MPs should now engage constructively in questions, answers and debate in Parliament. We must also listen to the considered responses of our constituents and the wider public before we come to take our final personal and collective decisions on the best way forward."

The current "unfair" fee system needs to be changed, Mr Hughes acknowledged, but he added: "Parliament should only support a progressive system which takes into account future earnings and makes sure that those who benefit most financially from a university education contribute the most."

We have yet to see the Government response to this report but it is clear already that there is no obvious way forward for the Government whilst the Liberal Democrats remain in open revolt.
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