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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Bizarre Marketing claims

Whilst I was doing a surgery in my local library in Swansea last night I picked up a 'What's On' magazine. I was startled to find, in an advert for a Mumbles hotel, the claim that they are just 50 minutes drive from the Ryder Cup Golf course.

I live half an hour's drive closer to Cardiff than that hotel and it takes me an hour to travel from my front door to the Welsh Assembly. I would be lucky to make the Celtic Manor in the same time frame.

I am not sure what exactly people will be driving to get from Mumbles to the Vale of Usk in 50 minutes or even what speed, but I am sure that it will not be anything that has to use the local roads or the M4. A speed boat or a helicopter might have a better chance.
That's naughty and there should be consequences for the hotel.

What I found really bizarre was the amount of hope and expectation based around a three day golf tournament that anyway had to be shifted, diary-wise, to get the big stars to attend.

Speaks volumes, alas, about teh state of wales.
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