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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Timing is everything

To be frank I am not inclined to buy or read Tony Blair's book. That is not to say that I am not interested in what is in there, just that I have a lot of other books to read first and I doubt if I will ever get around to it.

Nick Robinson gives us a flavour on his blog
. However, as he says Blair just confirms what had been speculated about in the first place, specifically:

• Tony Blair blamed Gordon Brown for starting the cash for honours row which led to the first ever police investigation into a serving prime minister

• Gordon Brown threatened to trigger that row if he didn't get his way on a policy which affects the pensions of millions of voters

• Mr Blair did renege on a deal to stand down before the 2005 election

• He did not sack Gordon Brown because he believed that "let loose" he might lead a left wing rebellion

• The PM turned to drink to deal with the stress of dealing with someone he regarded as "very very difficult" and "maddening"

• Tony Blair knew that Gordon Brown would be a hopeless prime minister

What intrigues me the most however is the timing of the publication, on the day that ballots go out to Labour Party members. The fact that Blair is rooting for David Miliband, and that this is obvious from all the publicity around the book, sends a fairly clear message to members. The question though is whether it will help or damage the David Miliband campaign?
Go on Peter even you can afford it at just £12.50 from your friendly Tesco supermarket.Even cheaper than Mandy's tome
I should wait a couple of months until it's remaindered, along with Cherie's magnum opus.
"To be [F]rank..."

This guy "Frank" keeps cropping up. Why do so many people want to be Frank? What's so special about him?

Someone should do a movie "To Be Frank for Just One Day".
"..just £12.50 from your friendly Tesco supermarket...."

Try a library. Frightfully popular with the lower classes!
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