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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Storm clouds gather around Welsh Health Minister

Kirsty Williams and the Welsh Liberal Democrat team have been really effective in the last few weeks in exposing the mismanagement of the health service here, firstly in the Health Minister's failure to be transparent and accountable over a half million pound consultancy report and the lack of strategic direction it exposes and secondly on cancer services.

However, it is not just the opposition parties who are dissatisfied with the Health Minister's performance, it seems that there are rumblings amongst her One Wales partners as well.

This Plaid Cymru blog from Wrexham puts things far more starkly than even the Liberal Democrats or the Tories have done so far:

I can't believe that Edwina Hart has survived Kirsty Williams's exposure of her 'allegedly' misleading the Assembly. She must have a bloody charmed life, problems within the Wales NHS are being exposed daily but we seem incapable of exploiting them so as to force a ministerial resignation. Surely she cannot possibly survive anymore bad news stories about the NHS.

According to Inside Out these are not just the fruitless ramblings of some Plaid member tapping away in their back bedroom. They say that the views expressed appear to be those of Wrexham councillor Arfon Jones who was also Plaid’s parliamentary candidate in May.

A sign perhaps that the One Wales coalition is starting to come apart at the seams?

This is not the first blog by any means that I've written about Wales NHS all of which are critical. I believe that all politicians irrespective of political persuasion have a responbsibility to challenge waste, something which your party and the Tories have failed to do as opposition parties as these blogs testify:
Also see Valleys Mam
£1.1 billion is a lot of money and we need more transparency and accountability.
I am aware that you have been critical before but your assertion that the opposition has not been challenging the government on the £1.1bn mispending is misguided and inaccurate. We have been doing virtually nothing else in the health and finance field as the record, various blogs and press releases will testify.
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