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Monday, September 27, 2010

Red Ed and the business world

Despite the government having a Business Secretary, who refers to bankers as 'spivs and gamblers', it seems that many in the City are far more comfortable with the Coalition Government than they are with the prospect of Red Ed Miliband taking the reins of power.

According to the Daily Telegraph business groups fear that the new Labour leader will push for more Government intervention in business, deliver more power to the unions, back the break-up of banks, and target high-earners.

All this of course is fairly predictable stuff from the usual suspects but it does reflect a feeling I have been picking up whilst talking to my constituents over the weekend that the new leader has some way to go to prove that he will not be a creature of the unions and that he is not going to drag the country back into unsustainable debt.

Many view his election as a swing back to the left by the Labour Party. No doubt many activists will breathe a sigh of relief if that turns out to be true but I am not so sure that it will go down as well in the country at large.
Weird headlines this morning – there’s “Red Ed stuff" then there’s the Segway company owner (Jimi Heselden) who just drove off a cliff in a Segway - no suspicious circumstances, but Lembit Öpik recently praised the Segway company …
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