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Thursday, September 30, 2010

On the need to improve Wales' record on patents

From yesterday's Plenary Record:

Peter Black: Minister, I fully accept your intentions with regard to driving the research and development agenda in Wales. However, you will be aware that the number of patents that come out of higher education institutions in Wales is relatively low in comparison to other countries and universities of similar sizes. Given that the registration of these patents is crucial in turning these ideas and research into business ideas and high-quality jobs, how are you encouraging higher education institutions to address this particular failure?

Leighton Andrews: The development of patents is important, but I must tell you that 4.6 per cent of active patents are developed in Wales, which is a higher percentage than that achieved by all English regions, except London and the south-east, Yorkshire and Humberside and the east of England. So, I think that that represents a fairly significant success rate. I am sure that there is more that can be done, and I have had representations made to me by a number of people suggesting ways in which that may be done, and I have asked officials to look at it.

WELL DONE Peter. No more lip from me.

Now I'm a fan of that turnip Glyn Davies (MP) and Peter Black (AM).

PS Looks like I've been burning both ends of this patent candle including asking Minister Leighton Andrews to boost Welsh patent rates. It was Leighton Andrews who told me that he was ordering a paper a wee while back.

I don't know where this "4.6%" figure comes from - but 'beggars can't be choosers' - meaning: any commitment to improving 'patents on the ground, patents on the ground' (sorry General Larry Platt!)
Why not organise a march?
Rallying Call: -
What do we want?
Response: More patents.
How do we want them?
Response: Pending approval.
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