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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Miliblands self-destruct

The new Labour Leader's first speech to his party's conference in that role was upstaged yesterday by yet another 'live microphone' incident. This time the culprit was his brother, who allowed his frustration to get the better of him.

The New Statesman say that during the leader's speech, ITV news cameras picked up the elder Miliband, with a look of pure murder on his face, leaning towards Harriet Harman as she happily applauded his brother's condemnation of the Iraq war. According to the station's lipreaders, he said: "Why are you clapping? You voted for it." To which Harman is said to have replied: "I'm clapping because he's leader and, as you know, I'm supporting him."

This is a very bad start for Red Ed, not just because his brother could potentially become a source of discomfort outside of the Shadow Cabinet, but also because it shows how difficult it is going to be to distance Labour from complicity in the 'illegal' Iraq War.

Whatever, the Labour Leader's own record on this issue, members of his new shadow cabinet, right up to and including the Deputy Leader, voted to go to war. How many of them have admitted publicly that they were wrong?

The Iraq War could well remain an albatross around Ed Miliband's neck, just as it was around that of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.
10 Millibands make a Centiband and 10 of those make a Hectoband and so on up to Kilobands. 2 Millibands equals a fratricidal Leadership fight.
Good post Peter.

If Ed really does think the war was wrong, then how can he possibly think Labour's 13 years in power is defensible?

Iraq was a huge decision- peoples' lives at stake. If Ed really thinks they got that wrong, then there is nothing they could've done to make up for it.
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