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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Keeping things in perspective

The controversy over the publication of 92,000 Afghanistan war logs on the Wikileaks website is still rumbling on, not least in America where one politician wants to see the ultimate sanction taken against those responsible.

Following news that an Army private was accused with leaking thousands of pages of intelligence documents related to the war in Afghanistan, Congressman Mike Rogers says he supports execution for the soldier involved if he is ultimately found guilty. The Brighton Republican sits on the House Intelligence Committee and told WHMI that Private Bradley Manning appears to be guilty of treason in time of war, which is a capital crime. He also criticized what he called a “culture of disclosure” for encouraging someone like Manning into thinking that the release of such sensitive information was a good thing. Rogers says that in contrast, he thinks it has surely condemned to death many Afghans who assisted the United States. Manning is currently being held in solitary confinement in Virginia where he may face a court martial or federal prosecution as the investigation continues.

He did not appear to say what he thought should happen to the many news editors who faithfully reported the leak and in doing so directed attention to the website where the documents were posted.

At least one website is not amused at the Congressman's outspoken views.
errrr, there are plenty of Democrats who support capital punishment too.
PS it took a Republican to apply a moratorium on death penalty cases in what was (and still is) a very democratic state (Illinois). So why is capital punishment portrayed here as a Republican thing at all?
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