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Friday, August 13, 2010

Massages, chauffeurs and Blackpool Pleasure Beach

The publication of details of spending on all items in excess of £500 by the Department for Communities and Local Government has caused a bit of a stir in the press.

The published information shows that a trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach and a payment to a firm offering on-site corporate massages were among the spending decisions approved by the last government.

Apparently, the communities department spent more than £1,600 on massages for staff and £539 on an awayday trip to Blackpool pleasure beach. It also spent £626 on a trip to the Attenborough Nature Centre, near Nottingham.

All very community-minded of them of course, but how can anybody justify the use of public money for that sort of expenditure? There was also a £16m bill for marketing, advertising, promotion and events, while £635,000 went on taxis and chauffeur-driven cars, and nearly £310,000 was spent on catering and food.

There is no explanation or justification from the previous Labour Ministers in this department. I think at the very least we should get that.
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