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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Just William

It is bad enough spending most of our time correcting all the misinformation regarding the coalition government being put about the opposition and their friends in the Guardian without also having to counter untrue mischief-making about the Liberal Democrats as well.

However, that is what we are having to do again this morning regarding this Daily Mail piece that alleges that William Hague will be addressing the Liberal Democrat Conference in Liverpool.

As Liberal Democrat Voice points out there is no truth in the article. They quote a party spokesperson as saying:

William Hague is not part of the conference agenda and I can confirm that he has not been asked to speak at the Liberal Democrat conference. No Conservative ministers have ever been approached to speak at our conference.

Fringe events are still being finalised, and it is of course possible that an independent group may have invited Mr Hague to speak at their Fringe event. But this is no different to any other year and it is common for MPs of all parties to attend these events.

Once more the Daily Mail decides not to let the facts get in the way of a good story.
This is the second kite of this type which has been flown in the press. First, it was Cameron who was going to speak at our conference. It is not quite a pattern yet, or one would suspect a campaign of sowing seeds of mistrust among the rank-and-file of our party.

Unfortunately, some credibility has been lent to these stories by LibDems in local government inviting Gove to speak at their general meeting after the general election.
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