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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The aging process

At the Eisteddfod last week all the gimmicks were on the BMA stand. One of these was a computer programme that showed the subject how they might age over the next few years.

The idea is that a current photograph is taken and fed into the machine. The computer then projects how you might look at the age of 72. It also produces projections that show what might happen if you smoke, if you stay out in the sun too much and if you eat the wrong stuff.

As I don't smoke and tend to avoid direct sunlight at all costs I only have two versions. The first is a straightforward aging projection, though I suspect my hair might be thinner and whiter, the second shows what might happen if I continue to eat all the pies.

Now where did I put that salad?
You'll have to save those photos and see how accurate the prediction is
The BMA have become a load of hectoring nannies! OK, so they've got it right about smoking, but most of the rest is just junk science. You don't believe me? Read Taubes 'The Diet Delusion' to see the well-researched demolition of much of conventional medical 'wisdom'.

Still, you can't blame the doctors for doing a bit of scare-mongering (just like the speed-camera loving police!) in order to drum up a bit more tax-payers money for themselves.
You don't think that a Plaid Cymru member was in charge of the computer that day and made it look bad to plant a doubt in your mind about standing again next year?
Its horrible. Stop eating those pies - NOW.
"Back-handed compliment" for u - you look better in the aged photos! Especially the left one! What does your life partner think?
I cannot believe that as you grow older that you'd still be wearing those hideous and ghastly neck ties!
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