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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Observer loses its way again

Zero marks out of ten for this morning's Observer, whose usual geographical illiteracy is on show once more through them illustrating an article about polytunnels in Herefordshire in the dead tree version of their paper, with a picture of Tintern Abbey.

Admittedly, this is there because a High Court Judge quoted a Wordsworth line about the River Wye, but as anybody who is not chained to a desk in London pretending that they are in touch with what is going on around the UK will know, Tintern is in fact in Monmouthshire, on the Welsh side of the aforesaid river.

Still, nice work if you can get it.
this little blog you are at your splendidly, acerbic, vitriolic best- Laesio Lesio for the poor London newspapers
The caption makes it clear that the "threat" to the area in question includes the land immediately around Tintern Abbey.
Which is in Monmouthshire NOT Herefordshire
The land in question is under "threat" in both Monmouthshire AND Herefordshire.

So it's legit to put a pic of Tintern Abbey up.
But by implication the Observer places Tintern in Herefordshire, which is my point. They do not mention Monmouthshire at all.
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