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Monday, July 12, 2010

The meaning of life

According to the BBC today, a £40m super computer project is being launched that will give businesses and universities in Wales access to the most advanced computing technology currently available. High Performance Computing Wales will provide computers that can handle and analyse massive amounts of data at a high speed.

That is a lot of money so maybe I can help out. The answer is 42. Don't ask me what the question was.
... succinct, it's how you tell them Mr Black, well said.
Actually, the universities in Wales already had access to supercomputer facilities and have had that access for well over a decade. Where do these PR writers get their 'facts' from? Perhaps I should add that I have a PhD in chemistry (involving computational chemistry) and I did my Masters industrial placement at a government lab which housed a supercomputer on which I ran molecular dynamics simulations of an enzyme (Lysozyme). So I know a lot about supercomputers.
so why can't the nhs/tax/vat/paye/NI systems work, Has Wales got the only working example of an integrated accesible data management at a bargain cost of only £40M. Questions of the billions wasted need answers.
"Deputy First Minister Ieuan Wyn Jones said the project would play a key role in delivering economic renewal."

This is a joke yes? Swansea University already has a supercompter - and what did this do for job creation in the small business/private sector in Wales?

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