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Monday, July 26, 2010

Former Labour Chancellor admits he planned VAT rise

Labour's moral outrage at the planned increase in VAT was looking a bit hypocritical and shallow this morning after Alistair Darling admitted that he had wanted to raise VAT hinself so as to bring down Britain’s budget deficit.

According to the Western Mail, the now-shadow chancellor told BBC’s Andrew Marr Show: “It’s no secret. I said at the time and, since Peter has actually spelt out in gory detail, I’m not going to deny what was patently true.”

Asked whether his proposal to increase VAT was a “battle” he wished he had won, Mr Darling replied: “Yeah, obviously.”

He continued: “The advantage of VAT is that it brings a lot of money, it would have allowed you to do a lot to take down the deficit but also given you money to spend on things that actually matter.

“It would have ameliorated some of the worst effects of reductions.”

Yet another example of Labour being caught out in a display of naked opportunism in their opposition to this rise.
Given that the Liberal Democrats' claimed, during the General Election, to oppose the VAT rise, then went into government with a party that said it had "no plans" to increase VAT, but has now announced those plans within weeks of denying them, how does this entitle you to the moral high ground?
I am not claiming the moral high ground, just pointing out that it is not available to Labour either
Yet another example? What others?
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