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Friday, July 16, 2010

Badgers and the law

Do Ministers in the One Wales government talk to each other? I only ask because I have just caught up with the interview with First Minister, Carwyn Jones on BBC's Dragon's Eye last night.

When asked about the appeal court squashing his government's order to cull badgers in North Pembrokeshire, Carwyn made it plain that he fully supports his Rural Affairs Minister and his Counsel General and tried to shrug off a major setback by referrig back to the earlier High Court ruling which was overturned on appeal.

He also implied that the government had taken external and specialist legal advice on the Order and that therefore there was no need to question the quality of his own government's lawyers.

This is a direct contrast to what Elin Jones told the Assembly on Wednesday when she responded to a question from Nick Bourne by saying:

Since I have now conceded to the Court of Appeal the grounds that were raised during the appeal hearing that the Order should not have been an all-Wales Order and should have been specific to a hot spot, my ability to challenge and appeal the decision is limited. In fact, the advice that I have been given is that it is not open to appeal. I can confirm to you that the legal advice available to me in making the Order was internal legal advice.

So who is right? I think it is important that we are told.
Funny program Dragon's Eye, very rarely watch it.

Seen the DE program where they highlighted the salaries of the Chief Execs of Swansea and Cardiff Councils. Apparently, they are on more that Carwen Jones.

Any idea how much these solicitors working for the parish council on the bay are being paid?

FoI request time me thinks.
Peter Is there a procedure whereby members of the public can complain about misleading and /or untruthful statements made by AMs in the Senedd? I was thinking of RhodriGT's comments about TB still increasing which he made in the QA session on Wednesday. I have written to him asking for his reference for such a statement Awaiting a reply
You have taken the only course of action open to you
Unfortunately, legal advice is exempt from the FOI act. Apparently the Appeal Court judges were surprised at the extensive redaction of the documents submitted to them by WAG.
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