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Monday, July 12, 2010

Badger Cull decision

The latest information Pembrokeshire against the Cull have is that the verdict on the Badger Trust's Appeal against the Welsh Ministers' decision to cull badgers will be handed down at 10am on Tuesday, 13th July in the Royal Courts Justice, Strand, London. This is a change from the expected Cardiff location. However, further last minute changes cannot be ruled out - the notice says that any changes will be notified by 4.30pm on Monday 12th July.

Meanwhile, in the Assembly last Wednesday I pressed the case with the Minister for vaccination instead, with little success:

Peter Black: Minister, now that the cull of badgers in north Pembrokeshire has been suspended because of the court action, do you agree that this is an opportunity to revisit your policies on this issue? In particular, will you take note of the fact that there are currently trials of vaccinations taking place in England and Ireland? What have you done to look at vaccination as a possible alternative to a cull? Will you consider introducing a pilot scheme on vaccination in place of that cull as a way forward, given that, once the cull starts in north Pembrokeshire, it will not be possible to call it to a halt for several years because of the perturbation effect?

Elin Jones: I am not revisiting anything on my TB eradication policy until the Court of Appeal has fully deliberated and I expect its response next week.

So it is all down to the Court of Appeal then.
that is a massive change in theproceedings, I think the badger trust now have a chance, no chance in a Welsh court (to overturn a Welsh govt decision)
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