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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shooting badgers

This morning's Western Mail carries a story about a farmer and a former magistrate who has been fined for trapping and shooting a badger which had dug up his garden, within the cull area.

This underlines a particular danger with the Labour-Plaid Cymru government's cull, that people may consider that it is OK to take the killing of badgers into their own hands. It is not. They are a protected species and the legislation passed by the Assembly to implement the cull does not change that.

It is absolutely wrong that there should be one law for individuals and another for government officials and contractors. There is now overwhelming evidence that pursuing a vaccination route for badgers is both more cost effective and more humane. That is why Ireland is abandoning its cull in favour of vaccination.

What will it take to make the Welsh Government see this?
This unspeakable incident clearly illustrates that the Minister's decision, backed by WAG, has effectively been taken by some people as carte blanche when it comes to persecuting badgers. Surely though, the Western Mail has got it wrong when it says that Stackpole Estate is in the cull area - or do they know something we don't know?
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