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Friday, June 11, 2010

Minister suspends badger cull

The BBC report that the Rural Affairs Minister has decided to suspend the cull on badgers in Pembrokeshire pending the outcome of the appeal by the Badger Trust, which is due to be heard at the end of this month:

On Wednesday, Ms Jones said she was determined to continue with the cull, saying the assembly government had been advised that the appeal was not to be listed for hearing until between November and February.

But she has now announced that the cull will be delayed after finding out on Wednesday afternoon that the Court of Appeal had agreed to bring forward the hearing to 30 June.

She said: "In light of the fact that the hearing will now be held very quickly, I can commit to a delay in removing badgers until the judgement is delivered.

"I do so in anticipation of an early and positive judgement for the Welsh Assembly Government."

She added: "We will continue with our scientific approach that underpins our eradication programme.

It is of course difficult to anticipate the outcome of the appeal hearing so I suspect that this statement has quite a bit of bravado about it. However, the Minister is surely deluded if she believes that this cull is supported by scientific evidence as is made clear in this podcast. Start five minutes in.

it should be suspended until a referendum is made and then and only then will a cull have some basis in democracy (the people will decide against it)
Referendum? GOOD Idea. There is one coming up soon on more powers to the Welsh Assembly. Either add the Badger? or just so NO to more powers to WAG intil they come to their senses.
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