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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lembit 4 Mayor

Just in case anybody thought Lembit Öpik is not serious about being the Liberal Democrat nominee for Mayor of London he has got an embryonic campaign team in place and a website here.

This is already a much improved approach to that he took for his Presidential campaign, which consisted largely of a series of poor jokes and a segway.

His website says that the former MP is a good liberal with a lot of political experience plus the celebrity factor that is needed for a mayoral campaign:

Lembit himself has said “I can see why people are keen on me to consider standing – and it does make sense. Boris has proved that London genuinely respects strong characters. Also, I’ve got a pretty clear and well reported political philosopy – left of centre and libertarian. What I don’t yet know is London’s view of my potential campaign. I don’t want to waste anybody’s time; but if the Capital’s residents are interested in hearing more about my agenda, I’m keen to share it. In essence, I want to make London the most free Capital in the Western World. I welcome people’s views – and I can’t stress enough, if that’s what people want, they actually have to say so, or I won’t be standing!”

I can hardly wait.
Then I see that photograph that you've kindly included by way of illustration, and I think to myself, "no chance, Lembit old son".
He looks like Gob from Arrested Development in that photo. Brilliant.

I would actually vote for him. Seriously. But I appreciate that most people are looking for something other than a well-meaning figure of fun from their mayor.
I would vote for him too - at least he wants to do it and has a chance of winning.

I persist in seeing him a rather serious politician, the celebrity gets in the way. Could it be an asset for this job?
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