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Monday, June 07, 2010

Labour in the bin

Labour everywhere are looking for anything and everything to throw at the new coalition government in an attempt to discredit them in an orgy of indiscriminate negativity, however one group came unstuck this mornning.

Tweet4Labour, who specialise in 140 character attacks, quoted a BBC news item this morning and in doing so implied that the new government had wasted £32,000 on an "executive" range of recycling waste bins to impress visitors.

However, closer reading of the item reveals that the internal report referred to was in fact published in 2007 and that the bins were purchased by the previous Labour Government. Oops!

No doubt their next tweet will be condemning the former Labour Minister, who was responsible for this expenditure, though to be fair it is unlikely that an item of this nature would have crossed his or any other minister's desk.
No, no doubt the next tweet will be to condemn the coalition for conducting illegal wars, wasting billions on id cards that never were, introducing tuition fees .... or maybe that's not a tweet, just Ed Balls' manifesto?
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