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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Where is Cheryl?

Speculation is growing as to the future of the Tory Shadow Secretary of State for Wales, Cheryl Gillan following her party’s decision not to field her in the BBC’s Welsh leaders’ debate. Nick Bourne, the Opposition leader at the National Assembly, appeared in Sunday evening’s debate instead.

Today's Western Mail reports the official version, that Ms Gillan, who was generally regarded to have performed poorly in the first leaders’ debate, had withdrawn to accompany David Cameron to Flintshire. But opposition parties said it was extraordinary that Ms Gillan, who would normally be considered a certainty to become Welsh Secretary, had not participated:

Guardian journalist Nick Watts, who has good sources in David Cameron’s circle, described Ms Gillan as one of four “plodders” in the Shadow Cabinet whose performance was not rated highly by the leader, but who was regarded as a hard worker.

Unusually, Mr Cameron has indicated that several of his team will take on the Cabinet roles they have shadowed if the election is won. But when asked if Ms Gillan would be appointed Welsh Secretary a spokesman would only say: “David Cameron will announce the composition of the Cabinet if we win the election.”

If David Cameron does form a government he may well want to look elsewhere for a Secretary of State for Wales, preferably one who represents a constituency in Wales. If the Tories succeed in taking Cardiff North then he may not want to look much further than Jonathan Evans, a former Minister and MEP hoping to make a return to Parliament.
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